A secure online management tool for receiving assignments.

What is the XactAnalysis Network?

The XactAnalysis Network allows industry players to send, receive, and manage estimate data in real time.

Xactimate users can access XactAnalyis Network securely and remotely and share important estimate information. Each Xactimate installation can connect to the XactAnalysis Network through a regular internet connection. Users only need to register a unique XactNet address the first time they connect.

What can XactAnalysis SP do for you?

Whether you are an assignment sender or an assignment receiver, XactAnalysis tools will help you communicate more efficiently, improve quality control, and close your files faster than ever before.

Assignment Senders

  • Track multiple programs all under the same umbrella, such as daily work for staff, mitigation programs, and catastrophe programs
  • Automatically distribute structural or contents assignments—even send an entire group of "batched" assignments to third parties for their management
  • Track assignments at any point and view the details of each completed assignment, including sketches, photos, line items, documents, customer copies, and more
  • Utilize the built-in audits to find common scoping errors and identify training issues
  • View graphical management reports on up-to-the-second data for any part of your network - compare region to region, estimator to estimator, or even compare your data to the rest of the industry
  • Access valuable industry trend reports for the history of material and labor pricing by area, state, and the entire country.
  • Manage your QA and reinspection programs with special tools
  • Set up rules that will alert you immediately when claim events occur or certain metrics that you define are met

Assignment Receivers

  • Set up how you want to be notified of assignments and receive instant notifications of assignments from multiple assignment senders
  • Automatically upload all estimate information with a single "complete" function
  • Track all assignments sent to you in real-time and view assignment volumes by sender
  • Collaborate with the assignment sender online, including notes and action items that automatically update the electronic claim file
  • View detailed maps of loss locations in the electronic file and integrate with mapping software for turn-by-turn directions
  • Send electronic satisfaction surveys to your customers with the click of a button
  • Send your own assignments or redirect assignments to other Xactimate users

Completed and Uploaded Assignments

  • Once the assigned estimator has uploaded the completed file, you'll have full online access to line items, photos, sketches, and reports
  • It's an instant, online backup copy of all of your estimates
  • No special software required to send and view assignments—all you need is an Internet connection