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XactContents: Contents Collaboration

Involving Policyholders in the Contents Inventory

No one knows their possessions better than policyholders. Engaging them in developing an inventory for a personal property loss helps estimators resolve claims faster while keeping policyholders satisfied. Reduced claims handling time, increased customer satisfaction – it’s all possible with Contents Collaboration.

By Collaborating, Both Policyholder and Adjuster Benefit from a Better Contents Inventory Experience.

Adjuster and Policyholder Collaboration

Streamlined Contents Estimating Made Easy

Contents Collaboration is a secure website designed to help policyholders:

  • Complete inventories
  • Upload receipts
  • Add photos of items that need to be replaced
  • And more

Enhance the Speed and Reliability of Your Contents Estimating

With Contents Collaboration, adjusters can:

  • Improve accuracy
  • Increase communication with policyholders, resulting in fewer disputes
  • Close files more quickly with less work
  • Save on claims-handling costs
  • Provide a better claims experience

Customize Contents Collaboration to Fit Your Workflow

The user-friendly Contents Collaboration website is fully customizable, meaning it can easily fit with any insurer’s existing web portal.

How Contents Collaboration Works

Policyholder Reports the Loss

Policyholder reports the loss.

Adjuster Initiates a new Collaboration

Adjuster initiates a new collaboration which automatically emails a link to the policyholder.

Policyholder fills out the personal property inventory

Policyholder fills out the personal property inventory, adds images and supporting documents, and uploads the completed forms.

Adjuster Downloads the Inventory

Adjuster downloads the inventory and then prices the items in XactContents, requesting additional information from the policyholder when needed.

Adjuster Sends Final Report to Policyholder

Adjuster completes the estimate, sending the final reports and priced inventory to the policyholder.

Policyholder Information Available Immediately to Adjuster

Policyholder enters actual replacement-cost amounts, receipts, and purchase dates. This information is immediately available to the adjuster.

Adjuster Submits Replacement Cost Benefit Payment

Adjuster verifies and submits the Replacement Cost Benefit payment for the insured to view.

The claim is closed.

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