XactContents Improve Your Contents Estimating


Quickly compile a contents loss inventory with XactContents mobile

XactContents mobile offers a faster, easier way to inventory lost, damaged, or stolen personal property at the loss site. XactContents mobile syncs via the Xactware Cloud with XactContents desktop or online, combining fast onsite scoping with the power of XactContents and its extensive database of personal property items.

With an intuitive design, XactContents mobile uses a scroll-bar menu that allows you to add an item to a contents inventory with just a few finger taps. You can lose the pen and paper, and create accurate, complete loss inventories complete with photos, voice memos, and more.

A general pricing list supplies a suggested average cost as you go so you don’t have to price each item. When the loss is synced with XactContents, these items will be assigned specific costs from XactContent’s extensive price database with millions of vendor-specific items.

With XactContents mobile you can:

  • Build Inventories

    Build personal property inventories at the loss site

  • Add Contents Items

    Add contents items with a few finger taps

  • Add Common Items

    Use the category ribbon to add common items

  • Eliminate Use for Keyboard

    Eliminate the use of the keyboard in many instances

  • Include Voice Notes and Photos

    Incorporate voice notes and photos directly into the loss report

  • Keep a Running Total

    Keep a running total of the estimate using general quote pricing

  • App is Automatically Updated

    Update your app automatically

  • Accept and Upload Assignments

    Accept and upload assignments to XactContents from your tablet

XactContents mobile is available to estimators with an XactContents Pro license.

Download the free XactContents mobile app from the App Store.