XactContents Improve Your Contents Estimating


Key Features: XactContents mobile

Internet Connection Not Required When on the Loss Site
Once your XactContents mobile app has been synced, you no longer need an Internet connection to build an inventory list. From a single room to an entire house, a content inventory can be created using XactContents mobile, which is synced with your XactContents desktop or online version when the iPad is connected to the Internet.

Automatically Organizes Loss by Room
Within a loss, room details are categorized by room type (e.g. Master Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom) and by floor level (e.g. Basement level/Main level). Once you’ve selected a level and room, you can start entering items or select from the scroll bar that includes popular items according to room type.

Easy Entry Tool
XactContents mobile is designed to enter most personal property items without using the iPad keyboard. Items can be easily found by navigating the app with the category ribbon and adding a room with a finger tap. Dropdown menus allow you to navigate intuitively from room type to general items to specific items with ease as you build a comprehensive contents inventory. XactContents mobile has an extensive list of common items found in personal property losses, eliminating the need to type extensively to document most items. Most can be added with a few finger taps.

Autocomplete Typing Technology
XactContents mobile will finish your words using terms that are compatible with the type of room you are inventorying – saving you time and improving spelling accuracy for a wide range of terms specific to contents inventory.

Select Multiple Items
With XactContents mobile, you can choose to single select an item, or select multiple items with the same entry simply by toggling between the single-select and multi-select tool.

General Quote Pricing
XactContents mobile provides a general price list that suggests an average cost as the list is built – providing a running total to help determine when a loss may exceed the coverage. Once the loss is synced with the XactContents desktop or online version, these general prices are replaced with specific prices from XactContents’ extensive pricing database.

Add Photographs
Photos can be added to a contents inventory seamlessly by selecting the camera tool and taking the picture. The photo is linked to the item description and follows the loss as it is synced with XactContents.

Add Voice Notes
As with photographs, a voice note can be added by tapping the microphone and speaking into the device. The note becomes part of the permanent loss record.

Preset Macros
XactContents mobile includes a list of macros for most of the room types included in the app. Macros combine several keystrokes into a single finger tap to save time during  inventorying.