The fast and easy solution for contents pack out and pack back.

ContentsTrack, which uses web-browser-based software and tablet computers, simplifies and automates cataloging, categorizing, and tracking personal property that needs to be stored, cleaned, or replaced. ContentsTrack helps you systematically organize and catalog contents by room, and allows several employees to inventory and photograph the contents of several rooms at the same time. These brief videos provide an overview of how to use ContentsTrack.


ContentsTrack Getting Started (13:09):

This video will teach you how to navigate the home screen of the ContentsTrack web browser platform and offers an overview of the jobs dashboard, tracking subtab, stations subtab, and tools such as documents, user devices, and containers.

Setup Part 1: Online Instance (4:55):

Learn how to set up an online “instance” as well as identify mobile devices that will be used to inventory a job. This video provides an overview of the different tabs and subtabs found on the home screen of the online “instance”.

Setup Part 2: Documents (3:04):

ContentsTrack has powerful tools to customize your company’s reports and give them a professional look. In this lesson, you will learn how to add Company Headers, Model Statements, Authorizations, and Signature Statements.

Setup Part 3: Users & Devices (1:13):

ContentsTrack can be used by several individuals on the same job site. This video will show you how to add users to the system and set those user’s permissions by giving them access to a mobile device, the online application, or set them up as an administrator.

Setup Part 4: Containers (7:38):

Containers are a key element to organizing contents for a pack out. This video teaches you how to create a container layout that mirrors the layout of your company’s facility, and how to set up locations, containers, mobile containers, and the customer site.

Setup Part 5: Preferences (1:41):

This video teaches you how to set up and customize Container Status and Condition Codes.

Setup Part 6: Mobile (5:21):

This video gives an overview of the mobile device role in ContentsTrack, and shows you how to link an Android or iOS tablet to a specific company’s online instance.

Exporting Inventories (2:34):

The Exporting Inventories video teaches you how to use ContentsTrack’s unique ability to export the list of contents that you have inventoried to Xactimate for pricing information.

Reports (1:13):

This video expands on the Setup Part 2 Documents video, and teaches you how to create multiple reports in ContentsTrack and use filters to produce the exact report that suits your company’s needs.

Onsite Pack Back (2:56):

With ContentsTrack’s Packback feature, you can quickly and efficiently return inventoried items to their original location. This video teaches you how to use the feature.

Onsite Pack Out Part 1: Creating and Distributing a Task (6:08):

This video teaches how to create a job and then distribute a task to your mobile device, and also includes directions on printing tracking labels.

Onsite Pack Out Part 2: Room Creation (2:06):

This lesson teaches how to create a “room” on your mobile device, helping to organize the pack out and tracking of your job right from the tablet or smartphone.

Onsite Pack Out Part 3: Item Details (7:29):

This video teaches how to create a complete entry for an inventory item on your mobile device, including adding photos, adding a QR code, adding voice recordings, and documenting an item’s description, category, type, model number, and status (clean, replace, questionable, or storage).

Onsite Pack Out Part 4: Authorizations (3:01):

Learn how to add authorizations and then access those authorizations on the mobile device, giving you the ability to capture the responsible party’s signature directly on your mobile device.

Onsite Pack Out Part 5: Review All Items and Upload a Task (1:01):

With ContentsTrack you can quickly and easily review items that have been captured on your mobile device. This video teaches you how to review items, and shows how to send an inventory list from the mobile device back to the ContentsTrack online platform.

Warehouse Management Part 1: Tracking and Stations (2:38):

This video shows how you can use ContentsTrack to track the movement of items and boxes from one container to another container or from one location to another location. It also teaches how to use the Stations page which allows you to conveniently edit an item’s information, such as details, notes, images, or recordings, while the item is at that station.

Warehouse Management Part 2: Inventory (4:16):

This lesson teaches how to manually add an inventory item or edit an item’s status, category, selector code, ID, box ID, location, and information in the online “instance.” It also shows how to use ContentsTrack’s “Chain of Custody” feature, which gives you access to every move in the pack out, storage, and pack back stages.