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ContentsTrack FAQs

Q. Does ContentsTrack require an Internet connection?
A. ContentsTrack online requires an Internet connection. ContentsTrack mobile does not have to be connected to the Internet to collect pack-out data, but you must connect to the Internet to upload the pack-out data to the online platform.
Q. What are the system requirements for online access?
A. ContentsTrack supports the current versions of the following web browsers:  Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.
Q. Is XactContents required to price replacement items?
A. To have access to Xactware’s pricing data, the inventory must be exported to Xactimate or XactContents.
Q. Will ContentsTrack link to Xactimate and XactContents?
A.  ContentsTrack is designed to track items from pack out to pack back. ContentsTrack supports exporting that inventory to Xactimate or XactContents to price the items. If the pack-out job was part of an XactAnalysis assignment, the inventory can be imported back into the assignment.
Q. How does the inventory from multiple devices get linked to the same job in ContentsTrack online?
A. ContentsTrack online can send tasks down to devices. These tasks share the same job name (the job name must be unique). Uploaded tasks (created on the device using an existing job name) will automatically be imported into that job. Uploaded tasks that do not have an existing job name will prompt the user to select a job to import the inventory into. Similarly, when a ContentsTrack request is received from an XactAnalysis SP assignment, the user is prompted to create a job from the assignment information.
Q. Will ContentsTrack mobile work on the iPod or iPhone?
A. Yes. ContentsTrack is available on Phones, iPod Touches, and Tablets. For more information, view a list of our supported devices.
Q. Will ContentsTrack mobile work on a Windows tablet?
A. There are no plans to release a Windows version of ContentsTrack mobile. The online platform works on a Windows tablet using a supported web browser.
Q. When using ContentsTrack mobile, can you assign a task to a specific user rather than a specific device?
A. When using ContentsTrack, a company selects certain mobile devices to send a job to. Any user can pick up a supported device and perform work. An administrator can require individuals to use a four-digit pin, which will track the activity of the employee on each device he or she uses.
Q. Where are the images for a ContentsTrack job stored when the mobile device is not connected to the Internet?
A. Images are stored locally on the mobile device until the data is uploaded to the online platform. When that upload takes place, the inventory text is uploaded first, then any images and voice recordings.
Q. Does the per-job fee apply to any size job?
A. Yes. You pay one per-job fee for any size job.
Q. Is there a limit to the number of tablets you can use on a job?
A. No. You can use multiple tablets on the same job with no added fee.