The fast and easy solution for contents pack out and pack back.


ContentsTrack Features

Supports Customer Collaboration
ContentsTrack integrates with ClaimXperience®—Xactware’s customer and team collaboration tool. ClaimXperience enables customers, adjusters and other team members to:
  • See clean status of all items
  • See images of all items on list
  • Request items for retrieval
Little to no training needed
ContentsTrack is easy to learn and easy to use. Both ContentsTrack online and ContentsTrack mobile use intuitive, simple, and clean interfaces. Contractors can start on a job right away with very little training, and on-site workers can use ContentsTrack mobile to photograph, inventory, and catalog pack-out jobs with only a working knowledge of tablet computers.
Online and mobile platforms
ContentsTrack has two platforms that complement each other. ContentsTrack online is used to create jobs and to assign tasks for each job. Tasks are then distributed to ContentsTrack installed on mobile devices in the field. Once the items in a room have been inventoried, that information is uploaded to ContentsTrack online. The online platform operates on a web browser, and can work on any browser-capable device, including a tablet.
Item tracking
ContentsTrack supports item tracking via a barcode or ID. Barcodes can be generated and printed using ContentsTrack online. If you are already using IDs for tracking items, ContentsTrack allows you to continue to use your ID/barcode format. With ContentsTrack, users can easily locate any item being processed down to the location of a file inside a specific box that is being stored within a particular vault. ContentsTrack supports using barcode scanners, or in the mobile app, using the camera (TTL) to scan barcodes.
Real-time chain of custody
ContentsTrack provides real-time contents tracking, which means the user can quickly locate any item in a pack out. This includes photos of the item at the time of the pack out, notes, voice-note recordings, and information on which employee worked with each item. All information can be searched using filters. The item’s chain of custody can be displayed for review, or printed if necessary.
Organized workflow 
As items are inventoried in ContentsTrack, a status is applied from among Clean, Replace, Questionable, or Store. This status is then used to determine the action to be taken once that item is received in the warehouse. As the item moves through your restoration workflow, the “container” or specific location of the item is updated.
Seamless photo and voice-note integration 
Photos and voice notes are seamlessly integrated into the file at the time of pack out, as each item is inventoried. There is no need to add caption information (unless you want to add more detail) or go through extra steps to attach a photo to the file.
Multiple worker support 
With ContentsTrack multiple workers can simultaneously record information on pack-out contents in the same room or in different rooms. When that data is returned to ContentsTrack online, the information can be reconciled by merging as needed.
Advanced Analytics 
ContentsTrack’s Analytics tool lets you generate reports that measure your team’s productivity. Analytics reports can tell you how many items were added and removed from all of your containers during a specific date range or help you determine if items are staying in a specific container too long.
XactContents and Xactimate integration
ContentsTrack integrates with XactContents and Xactimate through XactAnalysis, giving the user the ability to use Xactware’s replacement cost data and industry reporting.
Authorization tools and documents
ContentsTrack allows users to create authorization documents which can be signed by the customer on a mobile device at the work site – including name, date, and a time stamp.
Detailed reports 
ContentsTrack reports were designed with the customer in mind. They are easy to read and can be branded with your company logo.