Comprehensive Property Data Right in Xactimate

Geomni™ Property

Exterior Plans, Dimensions, Materials, and Much More

Geomni Property is the fast, easy way to learn crucial details about a structure that will save you time and help provide faster and more detailed service. Geomni Property data includes plans and dimensions that load directly into Xactimate as a native sketch.

Other data in the package identifies building features and lists the Xactimate price list items for materials and components identified. Once set up, you can order a Geomni Property data package from Xactimate, XactAnalysis, or the 360Value® insurance-to-value underwriting solution.

What Geomni Property Can Do for You

Estimators, appraisers, project managers, and many other property industry pros spend substantial time on each property collecting dimensions, identifying materials, and determining other building characteristics. Information, such as the dimensions of a complex roof or the exact location of lot lines, is often hard to determine and sometimes requires multiple trips or additional research.

Once information is collected, it takes additional time to enter it into a system that can be used to estimate, appraise, or valuate. Geomni Property data provides fast access to detailed information that significantly reduces the time needed for a variety of property needs.

  • Fast Delivery

    Fast Delivery
    Once setup, you order Geomni Property from Xactimate or XactAnalysis. The Geomni Property data package is returned to your Xactimate system where you can view and use the information and add the sketch to Xactimate. Even on small jobs, the time saved collecting information and entering it into Xactimate is significant. The longest time you will have to wait for your Geomni Property data package is one business day. It's common to get your data package within a few hours and, in some cases, it's sent back immediately.

  • Comprehensive Information

    Comprehensive Information
    Geomni Property provides comprehensive data on all aspects of a building's exterior, with all dimensions and slopes of the exterior structure along with detailed information about the number of levels; roof and siding material; the number, size, and exact location of doors and windows; and much more. Geomni Property also includes information about structural characteristics such as chimneys, vents, decks, and skylights.

  • Incredible Detail

    Incredible Detail
    Geomni Property's comprehensive list of building characteristics provides a huge estimating head start. In some cases it even provides detail you can't readily see at the site. That includes lot lines that aren't clearly marked; dimensions of roofs with coverings that can't be walked on; major losses where materials and roof lines have been partially or completely destroyed; areas of the building that can't be accessed because of safety concerns, weather conditions or catastrophes, and much more. Even on small losses the level of detail is unprecedented. For example, a framer gets the precise location of all windows and doors, the window and door supplier gets the exact dimensions, a painter gets the square feet of walls to be painted plus the lineal feet of trim. No matter the size or complexity of the estimate, Geomni Property provides an excellent return on investment in both time saved and increased accuracy.

  • Substantial Time Savings

    Substantial Time Savings
    Geomni Property comes with complete roof and exterior sketch diagrams including the exact placement and size of windows, doors, and other openings. The time spent measuring, documenting, and entering that sketch is all saved the minute you download the Sketch into Xactimate. Building characteristics, such as the shingles, type of siding, windows, and doors are all listed in the data package with typical Xactimate price list codes for your reference. Outbuildings such as pool houses, storage sheds, or detached garages that belong to the same address are included in the data package. Altogether this adds up to tremendous time savings on any size job.

  • Virtual Inspections

    Virtual Inspections that Reduce On-site Visits
    Geomni Property significantly expands the number and types of estimates you can handle without visiting the site. With the complete exterior plans, aerial imagery, and materials identification, you can quickly estimate a wide range of losses using Geomni Property data, and some quick photos from the policyholder. Claims are settled accurately, claims handling costs are significantly reduced, and in many cases you have an effective tool to help improve customer satisfaction.