Comprehensive Property Data Right in Xactimate

Geomni™ Property

Geomni™ Property FAQs

Q. What is Xactware Geomni Property?
A. Geomni Property is a data solution from Xactware that offers quick delivery of in-depth property data directly into Xactware products. The data includes a native Xactimate 3D sketch of the exterior structure, all dimensions and measurements, information about property characteristics, a set of high-resolution images, and much more. See the Features page for more about what is included.
Q. Does Geomni Property replace Geomni Roof?
A. No. When estimating needs are limited to the roof, estimators can choose to order a Geomni Roof.
Q. How does Geomni Property differ from Geomni Roof?
A. The Geomni Property data package provides a roof diagram and data about a roof. Geomni Property includes all the data found in a Geomni Roof plus a lot more. See the Features page for more information about what is included in a Geomni Property data package. 
Q. Where can I order Geomni Property?
A. To enable Geomni Property, contact your sales representative. Once enabled, you can order a Geomni Property in either Xactimate or XactAnalysis. Geomni Property requires Xactimate version 28 small update 16 or later.
Q. How am I billed for Geomni Property?
A. Customers will be billed on their Xactimate invoice.
Q. How much of the United States does the Geomni Property database cover?
A. The Geomni Property database offers coverage across the United States and is comparable to coverage that is currently available on the market today. The database improves every day in both the quantity of addresses cataloged and the quality of the data collected. 
Q. How does the workflow between Geomni Property and Xactimate work?
A. The estimator uses Xactimate or XactAnalysis to request Geomni Property for an address. Xactware sends a Geomni Property data package to Xactimate where it can be used in the estimate. Any changes made by the user will be reflected in the file and any subsequent reports.
Q. What is included in Geomni Property?
A. Geomni Property includes all information in a Geomni Roof data package, plus much more. The Geomni Property data package is comprehensive in detail on the exterior of the structure. See the Features page for more about what is included.
Q. How easy is it to print a Geomni Property report?
A. Geomni Property is a data package not a report, so there are a wide range of reports you can choose from and print any time. Reports are printed from Xactimate and can be customized to suit your needs with the Report Editor. Because reports are printed from Xactimate, they are never out of date when you make changes to an estimate.