Comprehensive Property Data Right in Xactimate

Geomni™ Property

Geomni Property™ Features

Precise Dimensions
Geomni Property provides comprehensive property data that includes all dimensions and slopes. The native Xactimate Sketch included with Geomni Property can be used to estimate roof and exterior repairs. You can also use exterior walls as a reference when diagramming interior floor plans and layouts.
Easy, One-Step Ordering
Once enabled, requesting Geomni Property within Xactimate or XactAnalysis requires just a few mouse clicks. The Geomni Property team extracts the data and quickly delivers it to Xactimate so you can start using the data the moment you receive it.
Reports Are Never Out of Date
Geomni Property is not a report, it's a data package. The data allows you to print a wide range of reports. The reports are never outdated as you add items to your estimate or make changes. You can also create your own customized reports with Xactware’s powerful Report Editor.
Annotate With Notes and Photos
Geomni Property lets you easily add information to your estimate by annotating the 3D sketch with notes or by adding photos and labels.
Instant Notification
Xactware is developing the most comprehensive database in the United States, and Geomni Property is available for most metropolitan addresses. But overhanging trees and a solitary location can sometimes lead to insufficient data. When we don’t have Geomni Property data for a structure, we’ll let you know immediately so you aren't left waiting. When the data we have is insufficient for a full Geomni Property data package, we'll notify you as soon as the analysis is made.
Native Xactimate Sketch
The Geomni Property data package includes a precise Xactimate 3D sketch of the exterior that is delivered straight to your Xactimate estimate. You can alter the sketch as needed and all adjustments are reflected immediately. The sketch also includes all slopes and dimensions of the walls and roof.
Spend Less Time on Roof and in Shrubbery
Geomni Property offers comprehensive exterior information without requiring a physical visit to the site and reduces the need to spend time on hazardous roofs and fighting through shrubbery to get a wall measurement. You can instantly receive an exterior sketch from the office. That includes the roof, exterior walls, decks, patios, outbuildings, flatwork, landscaping, and much more. It is also valuable in CAT situations, when weather or other conditions make it impossible to get to the property immediately.
Aerial Imagery
The Geomni Property data package includes high-quality aerial imagery with as many as five views. The variety of views help you gain a better understanding of the complete structure and lot.

What you get with your Geomni Property

Some of the information available in a Geomni Property data package includes:

  • High-resolution aerial imagery
  • Xactimate native digital sketch
  • Xactimate price list items for identified materials and components
  • Front door geocode location
  • Roof diagram / Sketch
  • All information included in a Geomni Property data package for the address
  • Roof slope
  • Roof area
  • Roof line measurements
  • Roof vent count
  • Roof HVAC count
  • Roof gutter length
  • Soffit and fascia length
  • Drip edge length
  • Ridge length
  • Valley length
  • Roof material analysis (e.g. shingle, shake, metal, tile, slate, or membrane)
  • Exterior wall diagram / Sketch
  • Exterior wall material analysis (e.g. brick, siding, stucco, or stone)
  • Exterior door count, size, and location
  • Garage door count, size, and location
  • Exterior window count, size, and location
  • Exterior HVAC count and location
  • Porch diagram / Sketch
  • Patio diagram / Sketch
  • Deck diagram / Sketch
  • Pergola diagram / Sketch
  • Shed diagram / Sketch
  • Barn diagram / Sketch
  • Pool house diagram / Sketch
  • Concrete flatwork diagram / Sketch
  • Tree canopy diagram / Sketch
  • Pool diagram / Sketch
  • Sports court diagram / Sketch
  • Structural features and locations (such as decks, chimneys, vents, skylights, and much more)
  • Satellite dish count and location
  • Skylight count, size, and location
  • Chimney count and location
  • Default square footage of living and nonliving space
  • Number of levels
  • Xactware’s 100% quality guarantee
  • Xactware customer service and support