Comprehensive Property Data Right in Xactimate

Geomni™ Property

How to Order Geomni Property with UAV Inspection

Step 1

Order Geomni Property from:

Xactimate desktop or online

  1. From the Xactimate Projects tab, right-click on your project, then select “Request Property Measurements” or click the House Icon icon on your Info screen.
  2. Enter information about the structure and click “OK.”
  3. Go to the XactAnalysis communications pane and click “Connect” to send the request.

Xactimate Claim Info Tab

Xactimate mobile

  1. Navigate to the property address screen.
  2. Enter the property address.
  3. Select “Request Geomni Property”.

Xactimate mobile


  1. Open an assignment.
  2. Do one of the following:
    1. Click the Request Geomni Property button.
    2. Select Request Geomni Property from the Select an Action menu.

XactAnalysis Assignment Detail


  1. Go to OrderGeomni.com.
  2. Search for the property address.
  3. Confirm the location of the pin on the property address.
  4. Select Geomni Property or Geomni Roof (Note: some locations where property data has not been collected may only offer Geomni Roof).
  5. Add the data package to the cart and checkout from the Xactware shopping cart.

OrderGeomni.com Ordering

Step 2

You will receive an email from the Geomni team.

  1. Click the link to view the status of your request.

    Geomni Property Order Confirmation

    This takes you to the Project Information page.

  2. Go to the UAV Section and click the Request UAV Inspection button.
  3. You can also monitor the progress of your inspection from this page.

Geomni UAV Inspection Map