Comprehensive Property Data Right in Xactimate

Geomni™ Property

How to Order Geomni™ Property

Ordering a Geomni Property while estimating a claim in Xactimate* is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. From the Xactimate Projects tab, right-click on your project, then select “Request Property Measurements.”
  2. Enter information about the structure and click “OK.”
  3. Go to the XactAnalysis communications pane and click “Connect” to send the request.

Xactware will notify you when the data package is ready to be downloaded in Xactimate.

View Geomni Property Residential Sample

View Geomni Property Commercial Sample

New icons make it even easier

To make it simpler, we notify you immediately within Xactimate if a Geomni Property or Geomni Roof data package is available for a specific structure, by including a roof icon Geomni Property Icon or property icon Geomni Property Icon on the Quick Tools toolbar once you enter the minimum information about the site of a claim loss.

Just select the appropriate icon, and go to Step 2.

InSight Quick Tools Toolbar Example

The icons also display on the “Claim Info” > “Insured Info” tab. 

Location Preview makes sure you get the insight you want

There is even a Location Preview tool, which lets you verify the location of the property before completing the Geomni order. 

What you get with a Geomni Property

After you submit the request, you will receive an email confirming your request for a Geomni Property data package. A second email will be sent once the data package has been prepared, with instructions on how to download your data package, including the 3D Sketch, into Xactimate.

Geomni Property includes roof slopes and dimensions with exact placement of windows and doors; plus up to 38 additional data points. Once the data is integrated into an Xactimate claim, it becomes a part of the claim file and can be edited by the user.

Geomni Property comes with Xactware’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

*These instructions apply to Xactimate 28 (SU19) and higher. Xactimate users are encouraged to upgrade to the most recent version of Xactimate.