Bringing Change to Property Preservation

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Using XactPRM with XactPRM Connect

When XactPRM is connected with XactPRM Connect, users can easily manage virtually all aspects of estimating and managing bids for foreclosed property repair and maintenance. From checking the status of bids to reviewing boardup photos for a specific home, XactPRM with XactPRM Connect make it far easier to get a better understanding of what’s happening in a workflow in real time. With XactPRM Connect, users can drilldown into details such as average bid amount, cycle time, deviation from allowable limits, and much more.

Bid Tracking and Approval

Users can instantly view information about any file online while tracking each stage of the bid process for all foreclosed properties under management.

Communications Channel

XactPRM Connect is the XactPRM communication channel. Users can instantaneously send new foreclosure information, bid requests, approvals, rejections, notes, and other information. They can view and approve bids, view action items and instructions, or mark files for follow up. Actions taken by partners can be tracked to provide documentation of all tasks.

Connect to Many

XactPRM Connect interfaces with many installations of XactPRM. If work is contracted to multiple vendors, XactPRM Connect provides access to the entire portfolio.

Based in Rules

Personal or group rules can be used to improve workflow management and efficiency. For example, an alert can be set to warn a manager if a bid has not been returned within five days of assignment. Alerts allow managers to catch and correct issues before they become problems.