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XactPRM is a time-saving solution for professionals involved in the maintenance and repair of foreclosed properties

XactPRM offers a completely new way to:

  • Assign, estimate, and receive bids
  • Analyze and evaluate performance
  • Track the status of properties under management

XactPRM brings a new level of efficiency to managing property preservation and repair bids for everyone involved, from asset owners and mortgage servicers to independent contractors and field service providers.

Xactprm Case Study With Swift Resolutions

XactPRM includes two key components:


Comprehensive, easy-to-use estimation technology helps users quickly produce bids with the help of up-to-date, local costs for property repair and maintenance. XactPRM users can save significant time while at the same time substantially improving precision and consistency.

Workflow Management and Analysis

Users can choose to use XactPRM Connect to easily manage virtually all aspects of estimating and managing jobs for foreclosed property repair and maintenance. This includes sending and receiving bids, job tracking and approval, alerts, tracking, and much more.