XactPRM and PropertyPresWizard Integration

The XactPRM and PropertyPresWizard integration offers a complete solution for REO property preservation. Users can create work orders, document property inspections, complete estimates, and update work orders with estimate details. Please refer to the getting started guide below to learn how the integration works.

Watch the Getting Started video for an overview of the instructions below.

After filling in the property information of a new project in PPW, you will be taken to the View Work Order tab. Select Bid/Completion Info.

Bid Completion

This will open a new Bid/Completion screen. To integrate with XactPRM, click on XactPRM Connect.

XactPRM Connect

The screen below will appear the first time you access XactPRM from PPW. Your own email will appear in place of “user@xactware.com.” Once you have selected Yes, you won’t see this pop-up again.


When XactPRM opens, the Project Info tab for the project that was created in PPW will appear. The address information will populate automatically. You will need to select a Type of Estimate by clicking on the dropdown next to that field. You will also need to select an Estimator from that dropdown and enter a date in the Date Entered, Job Began, and Job Contracted fields.

Project Info

Now, click the Estimate tab on the left-hand sidebar, and add all the line items that are required using XactPRM. You can now select the Complete tab in the left-hand sidebar to finish the project and return it to PPW.


On the Complete tab, click on the blue Change Status button in the bottom right corner of the screen.


The line items that were created in XactPRM will now be added to the project in PPW and will appear when you open the program.

Added Items