Estimating software designed for professional remodelers.

XactRemodel Features


Graphically draw the existing structure and proposed remodel.

XactRemodel’s patented Sketch technology enables you to quickly draw an existing structure and the proposed remodel as a floor plan or in 3D, make requested changes, and change the 3D texture to explore different colors and materials. With Sketch, you can even draw a series of rooms, draw complex roof systems with dormers and multiple roof lines, and accurately estimate a deck—including the stairs, railings, and footers—in minutes.

Macros and Templates

Quickly save and retrieve commonly used estimate items or previous estimates.

XactRemodel’s Macros and Templates make estimating faster by automating common tasks. The Macros enable you to quickly save and retrieve commonly used items in an estimate in a single click. In addition, the Templates allow you to save often-used estimates or parts of estimates as templates that include estimate items and the floor plan. Not only are these features completely customizable, but they can help drastically reduce the amount of time that you spend estimating.

Pricing Data

Obtain localized material, labor, and equipment pricing data on thousands of items.

XactRemodel offers pricing information for more than 460 geographic regions in the United States and Canada. The product comes complete with localized material, labor, and equipment pricing information on thousands of items, including many “green” building items. This database shows you the typical prices being charged by other contractors in your area and provides you with accurate, area-specific, and flexible pricing without having to do all that research yourself. What’s more, you can choose to use Xactware’s fully researched and reported price list items, edit an item’s price, or add your own prices as you estimate. You can even download price lists from any location with an Internet connection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Product Support

Get helpful downloads, support documents, and online chat 24/7.

Get the software support that you need for XactRemodel from Xactware's eService Center, which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This center contains more than 1,700 support documents, many of which include multimedia instructions. In the event that you need to speak with a support person live, the eService Center can connect you with knowledgeable support staff.

Supported Tablet PCs

Use the latest laptop, tablet PC, convertible, or netbook computers.

Xactware was the first company in the industry to develop property estimation software for the tablet PC. Since that time, Xactware has continued to provide support for the latest laptop, tablet PC, convertible, and netbook computers.

Time and Materials

Estimate labor, materials, fees, and equipment at the component level.

XactRemodel’s Time and Materials feature allows you to quickly access item components and create an estimate using a tabbed-style interface. It also allows daily entry of expenses for labor, materials, equipment, vendors and additional expenses.

Project Management and Scheduling 1

Efficiently schedule, track, and manage all work-related activities.

Create a running schedule of all work-related activities and view projects, employee schedules, and workload allocation information from a single user interface.

  1. additional $25 per month add-on
Third-Party Product Integration

Export your data to third-party systems for job costing, accounting, and so on.

With XactRemodel, you can easily export your estimate data to third-party systems for job costing, invoicing, accounting, and so forth, thereby minimizing human errors.

Service Packs

Stay current on the latest XactRemodel product enhancements.

Xactware regularly provides service pack updates to XactRemodel customers.

Language Pack (Spanish) 1

Estimate in one language and print reports in another.

Switch the entire estimate from English to Spanish in a single click—create an estimate in one language, and print reports in the other.

  1. additional $25 per month add-on