Estimating software designed for professional remodelers.

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Remodeling Estimating Software

XactRemodel is estimating software designed for professional remodelers. Whether you are doing a minor room remodel, an entire renovation, or an addition, XactRemodel can improve accuracy, save you time, and improve your bottom line.

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Here are some reasons to start using XactRemodel today:

  • Accurately draw and scope structures, roofs, and decks in just minutes
  • Show customers the existing structure and the proposed remodel as a floor plan or in 3D
  • Estimate plumbing, insulation, HVAC, and electrical in a single click
  • Add markup percentages to match the job. Mark up the whole estimate or modify the percentage based on trade, category, sub-contractors, or type of material
  • Switch the entire estimate from English to Spanish in a single click—create an estimate in one language, and print reports in the other (additional subscription fee applies)

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With XactRemodel, you not only get fast and accurate estimating, you also have an effective sales tool that can be used with clients. XactRemodel is easy to use, completely customizable to your individual preferences, and set to grow with your business. XactRemodel is professional estimating software you can count on!