Estimating software designed for professional remodelers.

Pricing Data Services

XactRemodel offers pricing information for more than 460 geographic regions in the United States and Canada. The product even comes complete with localized material, labor, and equipment pricing information on thousands of items, including many “green” building items. This database shows you the typical prices being charged by other contractors in your area and provides you with accurate, area-specific, and flexible pricing without having to do all that research yourself.

By using this database, you’ll be able to easily and instantly look up pricing information for more than 9,000 price list items, including items that are not commonly used. What’s more, you can choose to use Xactware’s fully researched and reported price list items, edit an item’s price, or add your own prices as you estimate.

The Xactware Pricing Team

The pricing information in XactRemodel is fully researched, validated, and supported by Xactware’s in-house team of professionals, who have more than 400 years’ combined experience in the construction industry and have been reporting building cost data since 1989. As a result, Xactware’s published cost information has become the most widely used pricing data in the industry.

How often are price lists updated?

Price lists are updated and published by the 15th of each month. These price lists can be downloaded from any location with an Internet connection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For more information, view Xactware's Pricing Data Services page.