See Roofs in a Whole New Way

Geomni™ Roof

What Geomni™ Roof can do for you

  • Easy Delivery

    Easy delivery
    Geomni Roof offers seamless delivery of comprehensive Geomni Roof data directly into Xactimate in the native Sketch format.

  • Accurate Results

    Accurate results
    Geomni Roof provides comprehensive roof data with all dimensions and slopes with unprecedented accuracy – guaranteed.

  • Superior Imagery

    Superior imagery
    Geomni Roof provides a set of five high-quality aerial images of a roof – top down, and one for each of the cardinal compass points – prior to the damage.

  • Unmatched Precision

    Unmatched precision
    Geomni Roof images let you easily identify chimneys, rain gutters, roof vents, precise roof lines, roofing material, and other details.

  • Editable Data

    Data becomes part of your life
    Geomni Roof puts you in charge by sending information directly to Xactimate, where you can modify it as needed. Your reports don't become obsolete when you make a small change and can be printed any time.

  • Save Time

    Less time spent on roofs
    Geomni Roof can save time and speed up estimation by creating an accurate roof sketch for you. This means you will spend less time on roofs.

  • Up-to-date Images

    Up-to-date images
    Geomni Roof provides up-to-date aerial images, refreshed regularly – we are flying all the time.

What you get with your Geomni Roof

Roof Sketch
An Xactimate native digital roof sketch

Roof Data
Comprehensive roof data with all dimensions and slopes

Aerial Images
A set of high-quality aerial images