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Geomni™ Roof

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Geomni Roof?
A. Geomni Roof offers estimators quick and seamless delivery of comprehensive roof data directly into Xactimate in the native Sketch format. It includes the roof sketch with data as well as the high-quality images that make the accuracy of the sketch possible – all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Q. Where does Geomni get the data?
A. Geomni Roof starts with high-quality, high-resolution aerial data that includes aerial imagery. Geomni uses advanced technologies to extract detailed dimensions and roof information including the length, perimeter, slope, area, summary, waste calculations, and much more. Xactware owns a substantial database of aerial data and also works with high-quality providers to help provide comprehensive coverage throughout the United States
Q. How am I billed for Geomni Roof?
A. Geomni Roof is available for one price, regardless of the size or complexity of the structure. Users will be billed on their Xactimate invoice. 
Q. How much of the United States does the Geomni Property database cover?
A.  The Geomni Property database provides coverage across the United States and is comparable to currently available coverage on the market today.
Q. How does the workflow between Xactimate and Geomni Roof work?
A. The workflow between Geomni Roof and Xactimate is fully integrated and seamless. The estimator uses Xactimate or XactAnalysis to request Geomni Roof for an address, then Xactware sends a Geomni Roof data package that automatically places the sketch into the estimate. Any changes made by the user will be reflected in the file and in any subsequent reports. Geomni Roof requires Xactimate version 28. To enable Geomni Roof, contact your sales representative.
Q. What is included in Xactware Geomni Roof?
A. Geomni Roof includes a ready-to-use and complete roof plan for Xactimate Sketch with all dimensions and slopes, a set of high-quality aerial images, a detailed roof report, and Xactware's 100% quality guarantee.
Q. How easy is it to print a roof report?
A. A roof report is included with Geomni Roof. Since Geomni Roof is fully integrated with Xactimate, changes to the Sketch are reflected in the report which can easily be printed from Xactimate or XactAnalysis. Many other reports that use Geomni Roof data can also be created and printed with these programs.
Q. How does the quality of Geomni Roof images compare with what's available in the market?
A. The Geomni Property database used for Geomni Roof includes high-resolution images that were captured at a resolution that is typically the highest available on the market today. Xactware also works with providers who gather images that meet Xactware’s requirements. Xactware’s Geomni Property database continually improves as new high-quality images are added.