ILX Construction Training - Course 4 Home Construction Overview

Home Construction Overview
Course 4

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This lesson begins with an overview of the basic parts of a wood-frame building built using typical platform framing. A discussion of how loads from the building are transferred through the building to the soil leads to an important conversation about how soil carries a building's weight. The weight-bearing capacity of soil is discussed and its impact on the size of the footing is reviewed. The depth of the footing is covered and the concept of the frost line is reviewed for areas with freezing weather in winter. The water line is covered and its impact on the maximum depth of the footing is discussed. The location of the sewer stub connection and its impact on footing depth is also reviewed. The lesson ends with a discussion of how the hole for the footing is dug by the excavator.

Course 4: Home Construction Overview

  • Chapter 1: Basic Structure Parts 2:58 (3.2 MB)
  • Chapter 2: Soil Considerations 7:06 (17.9 MB)

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