ILX Construction Training - Course 5 Footings and Foundations

Footings and Foundations
Course 5

About the course

A detailed discussion on the making and curing of concrete that helps you understand its critical role in construction. The concepts of plasticity and hydration are reviewed as well as admixtures that add color or help installers control the concrete mix as it is being poured. The importance of reinforcing steel in concrete is explained and the methods of sizing and placing rebar are shown. The process of placing footings is discussed in detail including placing grade stakes, forming, placing rebar, and pouring. Foundation walls are placed next, including forming, placing rebar, placing window bucks, and pouring. The lesson ends with the placement of anchor bolts and a discussion of common concrete problems.

Course 5: Footings and Foundations

  • Chapter 1: Reinforced Concrete 7:17 (15.6 MB)
  • Chapter 2: Concrete Footings 5:00 (27.7 MB)
  • Chapter 3: Concrete Foundations 5:55 (20.6 MB)

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