ILX Construction Training - Course 9 Lumber and Wall Framing

Lumber and Wall Framing
Course 9

About the course

Wall framing begins with a log that is sawed into boards, planed and seasoned. Stamps on the wood convey information such as whether the wood was kiln-dried or surface dried. Since surface dried wood tends to shrink more, this information is important for the framer to know. Understanding the process of cutting lumber helps the builder see how lumber will act in the framed wall. Wall framing terminology is reviewed. The names framers use for wall parts such as headers, king studs, trimmers, and top plates are discussed as are wall layout and stud centers. Before framing can begin, a connection must be made to the foundation. This connection must be made correctly or wood may rot and insects and rodents may have access to the house. The framing connection is shown and walls for a new home are framed.

Course 9: Lumber and Wall Framing

  • Chapter 1: Lumber Terminology 7:24 (16.4 MB)
  • Chapter 2: Framing Wall Parts Terminology 4:37 (7.7 MB)
  • Chapter 3: Framing to Foundation Connection 3:47 (8.5 MB)
  • Chapter 4: Framed Wall Construction 7:11 (15.9 MB)

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