Platform Framing
Course 12

About the course

The lesson starts with a sheathed joist platform in place, ready for walls to be built on top. The framer lays out the walls including door and window openings and wall channels where interior walls intersect. The studs are placed, cut, and nailed in place. Headers are placed above openings in the wall. The wall is squared; then bracing, shear panels, and sheathing are installed. The wall is lifted into place, nailed, and braced. The lesson ends with a discussion of metal framing. Metal framing uses many of the same techniques as wood wall framing, but has some differences. Those differences are discussed along with the different properties of wood and metal and how they behave in a fire. The lesson ends with all the walls framed on the platform.

Course 12: Platform Framing

  • Chapter 1: Main Floor Walls 9:52 (27.5 MB)
  • Chapter 2: Other Framing Considerations 2:58 (7.4 MB)

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