Roof Rafters
Course 14

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Common rafters and the concepts of rise, run and slope begin this lesson which quickly moves to how rafters are cut and installed. Pressures on the rafter roof system are discussed as are the common strategies for supporting the system. This includes ridge beams, collar ties, girders, and diagonal bracing. Hips and valleys are covered next along with the techniques framers use in their construction. Jack rafters are defined. The pressures on hip and valley rafters are discussed along with the consequences that attend their failure. The lesson ends with a discussion of post-and-beam systems used to support roofs on both residential and commercial structures. The purlins used in this type of construction are reviewed.

Course 14: Roof Rafters

  • Chapter 1: Making the Common Rafter 7:31 (15.5 MB)
  • Chapter 2: Rafter Support Reinforcement 2:57 (5.2 MB)
  • Chapter 3: Making Hips and Valleys 4:34 (9.7 MB)
  • Chapter 4: Post and Beam Systems 1:51 (4.7 MB)

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