Course 20

About the course

Siding is one of the most common exterior finishes used on homes. Common siding materials are reviewed and typical installation techniques are discussed. This includes placement of siding on inside and outside corners and around windows and doors. More specific coverage of different styles of siding follows. This includes sheet siding such as T1-11, horizontal siding such as lap siding, vertical siding such as board and batten, and interlocking siding such as vinyl. Installation techniques for each type of siding are covered along with common problems.

Course 20: Siding

  • Chapter 1: Common Siding Materials and Joints 5:30 (8.1 MB)
  • Chapter 2: Sheet Siding 4:04 (6.3 MB)
  • Chapter 3: Horizontal Siding 4:11 (8.6 MB)
  • Chapter 4: Vertical Siding 4:05 (7.7 MB)
  • Chapter 5: Interlocking Siding 3:21 (9.3 MB)

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