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This lesson covers the most common styles of fences and their installation. The lesson begins with masonry fences and includes proper placement of footings. Stone, brick and block finishes are covered. Masonry fences with stucco and painted finishes are also reviewed. Vinyl fences are next. Several styles are covered as is the placement of posts, rails or panels, gates, and caps. Chain-link fences are reviewed including installation techniques followed by wrought-iron fences. Many styles of wood fences are discussed including rail, slat, picket, and basket-weave. Gates in wood fences are covered as well as natural, painted, or stained finishes. The lesson concludes with a brief discussion of concrete fences and fences that contain a mixture of materials.

Course 22: Fences

  • Chapter 1: Fencing 7:24 (32.3 MB)

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