Doors and Interior Trimwork
Course 40

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This lesson begins with a detailed discussion of doors. Door swing is reviewed as is a technique for determining the swing of a door. Typical door sizes for typical locations are covered as is the standard height of a door. Hollow-core and solid-core interior doors are reviewed as are common types of exterior doors. Typical materials and styles of doors are discussed. Techniques for hanging a door are covered from plumbing and leveling to casing the door and installing finish hardware. Trimwork is next beginning with baseboard. Installation and finish of both paint-grade and stain-grade baseboard is reviewed. This includes the proper way to join trimwork at corners. Other types of trimwork are covered including casing, chair rail, wood wainscots, crown molding quarter-round, full round, dentil molding, crown molding and more. The lesson concludes with a discussion of other types of molding such as metal, plastic, and plaster.

Course 40: Doors and Interior Trimwork

  • Chapter 1: Doors 2:42 (26.9 MB)
  • Chapter 2: Trim 9:19 (19.1 MB)

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