ILX Construction Training™


  • I think AmeriCorps, YouthBuild and volunteer labor organizations nationwide should use it as part of basic construction skills training. It has been a very valuable asset to the 100 Homes in One Hundred Days program in Mississippi. We hear good thing from our AmeriCorps staff all the time."

    Tammy Agard
    Co-Founder, Operation TLC

  • We are so glad Xactware helped us like this. We know how to do non-profits, not build houses."

    Keith Canfield
    Founder, 100 Homes in One Hundred Days

  • I have all my guys do it. I’m a contractor and I even learned a few things the first time around."

    Chris Fossett
    Green Leaf Consulting, Elite Custom Homes

  • This software helped me learn new and easier construction techniques in almost every area imaginable. Thank you!"

    Ryan Bani Tahmaseb

  • Now I never have to get married, because I learned how to fix stuff on my own!"

    Jill Nicola

  • I got the knowledge from the hot, sweaty work site without ever leaving my desk chair."

    Peter Mills

  • I have just returned (from Sri Lanka) since the delivery of everything and for our contract AVS delivered some three thousand items. The one item that received total commendation and praise was the construction series we supplied from Xactware. The technical advisors said it was a wonderful series of programs that we supplied and thought very favorably of it. I am pleased to say that the comments received were unsolicited and were volunteered by the technical staff. It seems as though we completed a mutually satisfactory delivery"

    Steward Gaster

  • The 22 CD ILX Construction Training program provides my staff with an excellent foundation for understanding and applying the construction world's complex and often confusing processes. It is amazing how many times, as I was studying through the material, that a question raised by one of my staff was the very issue I had read about the day before. The ILX Construction Training program is an excellent tool for training, both new and experienced construction personnel. The program is well designed and very easy to use. I truly enjoyed being able to take the program right at my own computer! My schedule is very busy and it was nice being able to study and test on my timeline and not someone else's. Plus, the support I got from your customer support / sales team was great - they explained everything to me and I couldn't be any happier. I am now much better prepared to answer the inquires of our customers and staff."

    Luis Casas
    SSL Construction Co.

  • As a home inspector, ILX Construction Training has been highly beneficial in helping me learn more about the residential construction process. The principles and concepts taught in the course were thoroughly explained in an easy-to-understand fashion and the knowledge I've acquired from the course has greatly helped me in my profession."

    Ted Johnson
    Owner, AmeriSpec

  • The ILX Construction Training is the BEST training program on residential construction processes that I have ever seen! The quizzes and testing allow instant feedback and accountability. It is also easy to operate, fun, and very thorough."

    Peter Schor
    Dynamic Results, Inc.

  • As a member of the NAHB Education Committee and also a recruiter involved in staffing for builders and remodelers. I see this course as an excellent tool to assist with the basic training of unskilled or semi-skilled labor."

    Lee Terry, CPC
    President, Northern CA HBA

  • ILX Construction Training is an excellent tool to learn more about residential construction from start to finish. I've been an insurance restoration contractor for 18 years and still found this program extremely useful. Difficult concepts were clearly explained with the use of animation and video. I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of construction, or simply wanting to refresh their current construction knowledge."

    Don Walker
    National Restoration

  • ILX Construction Training is a great way to learn fundamental construction concepts. The results of increased expertise and professionalism make ILX Construction Training a worthwhile investment."

    Les Cunningham, CR, CGR
    National NARI President in 2000