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Policyholder Self-Serve Collaboration Software

ClaimXperience is a comprehensive collaboration tool designed for claims professionals to involve policyholders more deeply in the claims process. It aims to boost customer satisfaction and reduce claims-handling costs effectively.

ClaimXperience simplifies your workflow by offering general collaboration, video collaboration, contents collaboration, and policyholder self-serve options. This easy-to-implement solution ensures the whole experience is more enjoyable and precise for everyone involved.

Once purchased, a ClaimXperience Product Specialist will set up your account within one business day.

While signup is free, there is a $17.80 fee for creating each new project. Once a project is created, you gain unlimited access to ClaimXperience features, including collaboration within the portal, video collaboration, custom forms, and satisfaction rating tools.

For inquiries about bundled pricing, please contact our sales team at 800-424-9228.

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