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Xactimate Demo

Xactimate Demo

The industry's number one estimating solution for insurance repair.

This live demo allows you to try Xactimate desktop, online, and mobile platforms free for 30 days.

With the Xactimate Professional demo, you can:

  • Automatically sync data and projects across devices
  • Enjoy backward compatibility with Xactimate desktop version 28
  • Always have the latest software updates
  • Store projects in the Cloud
  • And more

Note: Accessing data after your 30-day demo period requires a paid subscription.

**IMPORTANT: You may incur charges by sending/receiving assignment work or making in-app orders including, but not limited to, data packages, Benchmark reports, or other third-party services.

If needed, you can also request an Xactimate 28 demo.

Total: $0.00 USD
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