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Xactimate Desktop Certification Exams

Xactimate User Certification

The User Certification program provides a controlled exam to independently verify the user's product knowledge and proficiency. Users can certify at three different levels: Level 1 - Fundamentals, Level 2 - Proficiency, and Level 3 - Mastery. Each level increases in difficulty and is considered a prerequisite for the next level.

User Certification gives employers confidence that they employ some of the most qualified estimators, and those who are certified can market themselves as the best in the business.

Xactimate certification exams are based on Xactimate's current functionality. During the exam you will be required to create an estimate using Xactimate, you must have access to Xactimate with the ability to download a specified price list. If you do not have an active Xactimate subscription, please email xsales@xactware.com to be setup with access to an online instance of Xactimate. Select the exam title below to see a more detailed description of each exam.

Please note that exam access expires after 1 year.

Xactimate Desktop Certification Level 1 $105.00 USD
Xactimate Desktop Certification Level 2 $105.00 USD
Xactimate Desktop Certification Level 3 $105.00 USD