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Xactimate Desktop Certification Level 1

Xactimate Desktop Certification Level 1

The Xactimate Desktop Level 1 Certification Exam verifies that the user has the fundamental skills required to create an estimate from start to finish using Xactimate desktop.

This exam is based on Xactimate desktop functionality. The Level 1 Certification Exam is broken into three different sections. The three sections are as follows:

  1. Sketch and Scope Lab: In this hands-on lab, individuals are required to use their own locally installed Xactimate (or online version) to create an estimate. The most recent version of Xactimate desktop is required. The estimate consists of a Sketch and scope scenario that must be completed accurately. The estimate will be used to answer the questions found in the Practical Exam section. The Sketch and Scope labs are not timed, and individuals may exit and return to the lab as needed prior to beginning the next sections of the exam.
  2. Practical Exam: In this section of the exam, individuals are asked 34 questions pertaining to the estimate created in the Sketch and Scope labs. Questions are specific to the scope, quantities, dimensions, and pricing from the estimate. This section of the exam is timed. Closing the Practical Exam prior to completion will result in an automatic fail.
  3. Knowledge Exam: This portion of the exam consists of 14 multiple-choice, true/false, and matching questions. Questions are related to the learning objectives listed below in the Knowledge Requirements section of this document. This section of the exam is timed. Closing the Knowledge Exam prior to completion will result in an automatic fail.

Passing grade is 70%. Exam access will expire after one year. The time limit for the Practical Exam and Knowledge Exam is 180 minutes. Results with associated learning objectives will be available for review immediately upon completing the exam.

Total: $100.00 USD
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