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Conducted in various cities throughout the USA and Canada, including regular training sessions at our campus in Lehi, Utah, Xactware's Classroom Training program gives students valuable hands-on training from Certified Xactware trainers.

The Xactimate Training Workbook and an Xactware mouse pad are included with Xactimate classroom training registration.

The XactRemodel Training Workbook is included with XactRemodel classroom training registration.

Receive a $50 per person discount when three or more people are registered from the same company at the same time.

Classroom Training Solutions

Xactimate Regional Classroom Training $825.00 USD
Xactimate Lehi Classroom Training $600.00 USD
Xactimate Mastery Regional Classroom Training $650.00 USD
Xactimate Mastery Lehi Classroom Training $485.00 USD
XactRemodel Classroom Training $550.00 USD
Xactimate Technical Support Training $550.00 USD
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