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Get on top of roofing! Our ILX Roofing DVD will help you, your employees, or your students quickly and thoroughly learn the concepts behind today's roofing systems through full-motion video, powerful animation, and expert narration.

In English or Spanish and in only an hour and a half, we'll take you from the production plant to the job site as you experience the wide variety of roofing methods used today. If you're ready to learn roofing at a whole new level, we've got you covered!

This instructional DVD teaches concepts and terminology in an easy-to-understand format and covers key aspects of residential and light commercial roofing, including: roofing systems, material production, installation, cost factors, ventilation and flashing.

Here is a complete list of the 20 chapters covered:

  1. Roofing Systems
  2. Roof Flashing
  3. Membrane Roof Systems
  4. Multi-ply Membrane Roof Systems
  5. Single Membrane Roof Systems
  6. Elastomeric Roof Systems
  7. Shingle Roof Systems
  8. Composition Shingle Production
  9. Composition Shingle Cost Factors
  10. Composition Shingle Installation
  11. Shake & Wood Shingle Production
  12. Shake & Wood Shingle Installation
  13. Tile Shingle Production
  14. Tile Shingle Cost Factors
  15. Tile Shingle Installation
  16. Slate Shingles
  17. Fiber & Cement
  18. Metal Roof Products
  19. Metal Roof Installation
  20. Roof Ventilation

Roofing DVD $69.95 USD
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