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Get immediate access to all of Xactware's self-paced training programs.

Invaluable for any professional

The Online Training Center offers a host of training programs, ranging from Xactware Product Scenario Training to ILX Construction training. The training is invaluable for both novice and advanced Xactware product users, bringing together video, animation, instructor narration, and more. In fact, those who complete the Xactimate training courses have a 90% success rate in passing the Xactimate Level 1 Certification exam.

Tailored and unlimited

Take or re-take courses as frequently as you like, and continually return to the training reference library as much as you need. It's all covered in your annual subscription.

You can even tailor the training courses to your specific needs, interests, and trade. For example, if you are a roofing contractor, you can view courses specific to roof construction.

Plus, you bookmark courses for later viewing, or search for keywords to find the course that will help you most.

Annual subscription

The annual subscription includes self-paced video instruction as well as simulations that guide you through practical application. You?ll also get quizzes, exams, labs, and practice exercises.

(NOTE: Xactware's certification exams are sold separately)

Beginning April 3, 2017, your Xactimate annual subscription entitles you to one year of complimentary access to the Online Training Center. This will automatically be added to your order upon checkout.

Self-Paced Training Solutions

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Online Training Center Annual Subscription - Xactware Subscriber $110.00 USD Add to Cart
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