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XactRemodel Training Workbook

XactRemodel Training Workbook

The XactRemodel Training Workbook, which is included with our classroom training courses, is designed as a supplement to classroom training or as a standalone guide for new and intermediate XactRemodel users.

In this 225-page workbook, you will learn how to better harness the power of XactRemodel through a series of lessons, labs, review questions, and practice estimates. Practice estimates focused on bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, basement, roof, and commercial projects walk you through how to use many of the features within XactRemodel.

Key concepts and training texts drill into the hows and whys of XactRemodel technology, including an explanation of Xactware's pricing methodology and how to use graphical estimation and the powerful Sketch construction tools to build an estimate accurately.

At the end of this workbook, you will find helpful appendices that include a comprehensive list of all XactRemodel variables, definitions for all XactRemodel Preferences settings, descriptions for each of the XactRemodel Estimate Reports, and XactRemodel training courses offered.

Access the supplemental resources which includes the answers to review questions along with completed workbook labs and practice estimate files. Additionally, the file contains a variety of XactRemodel resources to help you be more successful, including scoping tick sheets, pricing white papers, keyboard shortcuts, What's New in XactRemodel, the XactRemodel User's Guide, and more.

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