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Xactimate Level 3 Workbook

Xactimate Level 3 Workbook

The Xactimate Level 3 Training Workbook is included with our Advanced Xactimate classroom training courses. It is a supplement to the Advanced Xactimate class and is not currently intended as a stand-alone training solution.

This 200-page color workbook, builds on the fundamental and proficiency concepts taught in the Xactimate Training Workbook, helping prepare users for Level 3 Certification. Mastery level concepts are taught through a progression of lessons, labs, practice estimates and certification prep questions. Some of the concepts covered include:

  • Sketching Complex Building and Roof Structures
  • Estimating Large Losses
  • Sketch Construction Tools
  • Estimating in Sketch 
The workbook includes a broad array of lessons and practice estimates applicable to the work that a general contractor or loss adjuster may encounter. It is structured in a modular format to also teach specialized groups such as roofing and mitigation contractors, as well as commercial loss adjusters. Practice estimates include large residential and commercial losses for water, fire, wind and hail damage.

Total: $20.00 USD
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