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ContentsTrack Setup

ContentsTrack Setup

ContentsTrack is an innovative multi-platform solution for businesses who specialize in contents pack out and pack back. With ContentsTrack, contractors can quickly record, categorize, and track personal property that needs to be stored, cleaned, or replaced after a property loss.

The ContentsTrack setup fee creates an instance for your company at ContentsTrack.com. If your company has more than one business location, each location must setup a separate instance. (See your license agreement for more information.)

Your online instance communicates with the free ContentsTrack mobile application that is available for download from the App Store for iPads or Google Play for Android devices.

You should only purchase ContentsTrack with this option if you are a new user or are creating a new instance. If you already use ContentsTrack and need to buy additional jobs, please purchase jobs directly from within the ContentsTrack online application.

ContentsTrack Setup $250.00 USD
ContentsTrack Jobs $35.00 USD/each Quantity:
Total: $250.00 USD
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