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Verify Your Knowledge and Proficiency With Xactimate Certification

Xactimate offers three levels of user certification to verify knowledge and proficiency. Each level increases in difficulty and serves as a prerequisite for the next level.

Employers value certified estimators as highly qualified professionals, and certified individuals can establish themselves as top experts in the field.

The certification exams are based on the current functionality of Xactimate. During the exam, you will be required to create an estimate using Xactimate, so access to Xactimate with the ability to download a specified price list is necessary.

If you do not have an active Xactimate subscription, please contact xsales@xactware.com to obtain access to an online instance of Xactimate.

You can attempt the certification exam multiple times within a one-year period until you pass it. Once you pass, the certification will be valid for two years.

Xactimate Desktop Certification Level 1 $110.00 USD
Xactimate Desktop Certification Level 2 $110.00 USD
Xactimate Desktop Certification Level 3 $110.00 USD