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XactAnalysis Leadership Guide

XactAnalysis Leadership Guide

Order your copy of the XactAnalysis Leadership Guide, priced at only $64.00. Available as a PDF or printed guide.

A Guide to Accelerating Claims Management is a supplemental workbook included with the paid attendance to the Property Estimating Solutions Leadership Workshop. Although it was not originally designed as a stand-alone workbook, our clients have found it beneficial to their day-to-day operations.

This 100+ page color guide outlines important integration concepts and ideas for improving efficiency and processes. It is intended for company administrators, management, leadership, and analysts that work within XactAnalysis.

Some of the topics discussed in the guide include:

  • An optimized workflow
  • Configuration and setup
  • Reporting
  • Best Practices

Currently structured to benefit the insurance carrier workflow, key concepts and configuration points included can improve efficiency and optimization. The knowledge check included in the guide will help users understand how the Verisk ecosystem can assist with an ideal workflow.

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