Electrical, Part 1
Course 32

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The first of two lessons covering residential electrical. This lesson primarily focuses on electrical concepts and terms. The lesson begins with the meter base and main disconnect and moves to the breaker panel, or, on older homes, the fuse box. The size of the service and how service size is indicated is reviewed. Safety considerations in damaged structures are emphasized. Types of grounds that can be used on the electrical system are reviewed. Differences between 120 and 240 volt wiring runs are covered. Adding electrical runs to the breaker box is discussed next along with the color-coding standard used on the standard Romex wiring common in North America. Wire size and how it is expressed is reviewed. Old-style knob-and-tube systems are covered. The lesson ends with a discussion of Romex and conduit.

Course 32: Electrical, Part 1

  • Chapter 1: Wiring Concepts and Terms 4:53 (8.3 MB)

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