Plumbing, Part 1
Course 34

About the course

This is the first of two lessons covering residential plumbing. Delivery of culinary water to the structure through city-owned systems or a pump is covered. Common types of culinary pipes and their installation are discussed including copper, galvanized, and poly butylenes or PB. A brief review of systems used to deliver irrigation water is also included. A detailed discussion of manifold systems using PB pipes follows including historical problems with some types of systems that are no longer manufactured but still found in many homes. Standards for pressure testing a complete roughed-in culinary water system complete this part of the lesson. The lesson ends with a review of special plumbing issues. This includes hydraulic shock, a common cause of pipe noise, problems with hose bibbs in areas with freezing temperatures, dishwasher backflow, and many more.

Course 34: Plumbing, Part 1

  • Chapter 1: Culinary Water Supplies 3:30 (4.4 MB)
  • Chapter 2: Manifold PB Systems 3:00 (4.8 MB)
  • Chapter 3: Special Plumbing Issues 3:16 (3.9 MB)

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