Painting and Wallpaper
Course 41

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The lesson begins with a discussion of paint glosses and their effect on showing flaws in the underlying material. Next a review of who might really be to blame for flaws seen after painting. The importance of prep work and responsibility for prep work is reviewed. Proper prep work and painting techniques are shown including painting with a roller, an airless, or both. Staining techniques are also discussed. The lesson shifts to a detailed discussion of wallpaper and its installation. Common types of wallpaper are covered along with the types of rolls they come in. "Strippable" and "non-strippable" wallpaper types are reviewed. Pattern matching issues are also covered. Proper installation is shown including sizing, booking, and placing. How seams and openings are handled is next. The lesson concludes with a discussion of wallpaper quality, borders, and installation issues that impact the cost of the final installation.

Course 41: Painting and Wallpaper

  • Chapter 1: Interior Painting 7:06 (13.9 MB)
  • Chapter 2: Wallpaper 8:10 (24.7 MB)

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