Xactware User Conference 2015 Presents…
Xactware User Conference 2015

An introduction to the industry leaders who participated in Xactware User Conference 2015.

Xactware User Conference 2014 Highlights
Xactware User Conference 2014 Highlights

Conference attendees discuss the benefits of the 2014 conference.

Introducing the Xactware Remote Sensing Lab
Introducing the Xactware Remote Sensing Lab

Join the discussion about the technology of the future.

Xactware User Conference: See What's Coming Next
See What's Coming Next

"It's been invaluable."
– Gardner Ablett

Xactware User Conference: Stay in Touch with the Industry
Stay in Touch with the Industry

"The draw to come back is staying in touch." – Margie Swartz

Xactware User Conference: A Lot of Useful Information
A Lot of Useful Information

"Very informative and useful."
– Stacey Henry

Xactware User Conference Online

Xactware User Conference 2015 featured insightful keynote addresses, a conversation with an elite panel of experts, and three tracks of sessions from Xactware experts and the industry’s best and brightest. Topics included several major new product introductions, case studies, best practices from leading insurance carriers, productivity tips, hands-on experience with upcoming product releases, and much more.

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Session Recordings

Designing the Future
Keynote: Designing the Future

– Jim Loveland

A look into some of the amazing technology in the future of the property insurance industry – and some is not far away.

Panel of Experts
Panel of Experts: Trends, Industry Issues, and Solutions

– Jim Loveland, Robert McRorie, William Brower, Carol Fischer Rogers

Insights from an all-star property insurance industry panel.

Across Generations Keynote
Keynote: Servicing Policyholders Across Generations

– Cam Marston

Understanding generational differences can be key to delivering great service.
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Time-saving XactAnalysis Tools
Five XactAnalysis Tools that Could Save 20% of Your Time

– Jennifer Whiteaker-Hevelone

Instead of buying time skipping breakfast or staying up late, you can save time using five XactAnalysis tools.

Stump Paul and Ted
Stump Paul and Ted

– Paul Gardner, Ted Foster

Xactimate experts Paul and Ted take on a round, flat roof; an interior catwalk; an odd-shaped patio; California framing; and much more.

Full Implementation Case Study
Increased Efficiencies through Full Implementation of Xactware Tools

– Geri Powell, Gary Willis

Dramatically improved cycle time and excellent ROI follow skillful use of Xactware tools.

Lessons Learned from an Xactware Roll Out
Lessons Learned from an Xactware Roll Out

– Cary Peterman, Tim McKeon

Key benefits and lessons learned during an Xactware roll-out and in the early months and years afterward.

Xactimate mobile: Connect, Streamline, Innovate
Xactimate mobile: Connect, Streamline, Innovate

– Todd Van Sant, Jon Miller

Strategies to help you leverage the unique strengths of the three Xactimate platforms: desktop, online, and mobile.

Property InSight Innovations
Property InSight Innovations

– Jeffrey C. Taylor, Magnus Olson

New technologies and a growing library of high-quality data help property insurance professionals see property in a whole new way.

Flood Claim Challenges and Solutions
Flood Claim Challenges and Solutions

– Didi Womack

Learn how Xactimate's new flood estimating features can solve long-standing problems and save you time.

XactContents Innovations
XactContents Innovations

– Ryan Smith

The latest on  significant changes in XactContents and on the various integration options for XactContents with other Xactware tools.

Xactimate Innovations
Xactimate Innovations

– Ryan Johnson, Zeke Smith, Nick Sykes

Check out the latest releases and new features for the Xactimate online, desktop, and mobile platforms.