Full Cycle Claims Management and Analytics for the Property Insurance Industry


Claims Management Software with XactAnalysis

The first, largest, and only full-cycle claims management software and reporting tool available in the property insurance industry. As claims flow through its network the data is constantly monitored to help claims professionals catch errors, report on progress, and benchmark performance.

Enhance Efficiency, Reliability

A three-year study shows that a company that completes 6,000 estimates could save more than $828,000 by correcting errors discovered by XactAnalysis.

In addition, the largest independent adjusting firm in California exceeds its monthly benchmarks through our claims management software by contacting insureds, inspecting losses, and reporting results.

Watch the video below to see XactAnalysis in action.

Full Cycle Claims Management Software for the Property Insurance Industry

XactAnalysis Enables you to:

  • track claims assignments to make sure company standards are met
  • audit claims estimates to catch and correct errors
  • store estimates, valuations, floor plans, photos, notes, action items, and even audio files to maintain thorough documentation on all claims assignments
  • monitor adjuster performance to identify areas for improvement
  • generate easy-to-read real-time reports on company performance and compare those against industry standards