ClaimXperience Involve the Policyholder Improve the Process



Keep the policyholder and the entire claims team involved from start to finish through a single collaborative portal.

Policyholder and Team Member Collaboration

Use the ClaimXperience portal to invite the policyholder and involved team members to collaborate. Connecting the policyholder and the claims team early ensures that everyone stays on the same page throughout claim resolution.

Integrated with the Xactware Ecosystem

Connect your ClaimXperience to XactAnalysis. Videos, photos, messages, notes, documents, and customer satisfaction ratings in ClaimXperience sync to XactAnalysis.

Photos and Video

Enable your policyholder to upload videos and photos of the loss on their own time. ClaimXperience speeds up the claims settlement and damage restoration process by connecting the entire claims team to relevant videos and photos.

Once uploaded, claims team members can highlight, crop, invert color, and add text to photos.

Video Collaboration

See what the policyholder sees with live, mobile video streaming. Connect to your policyholder’s phone or tablet camera to triage property, contents, and auto loss straight from your desk.

Previously, downloading the ClaimXperience app was the only way to accomplish live video collaboration. Now, users with supported browsers can skip the app download, and stream directly from the web. 

Media Sheet Creation

Claim representatives can create media sheets from any or all photos within a claim, including links to video and audio files. Media sheets are accessed from the Documents tab within ClaimXperience or within XactAnalysis when linked.


The ClaimXperience portal enables quick, easy-to-use messaging between everyone involved in the claims resolution process.

Shared Calendar

Speed up communication and increase transparency with the Shared Calendar tool. Use it to document work appointments throughout the claims process on a calendar that syncs to the personal calendars of your policyholders, claim representatives, and contractors.

Policyholder Preferences

Make communication simple. Policyholder Preferences lets your policyholders share when they’re available, how they’d like to be contacted, and any other notes that might help the claim team. If they’re not able to update their preferences, you can make changes for them.

Personal Property

Policyholders, adjusters, and third-party service providers can build personal property inventories directly in ClaimXperience. Inventory lists can then be shared with designated team members or exported directly to Xactimate and XactContents. ClaimXperience also integrates with ContentsTrack for pack-out professionals.

Customer Satisfaction

Policyholders can share real-time satisfaction feedback throughout the claims process. The policyholder’s real-time satisfaction scores are visible within the portal’s dashboard, allowing you to keep an eye on whether your team is keeping your customer happy from First Notice of Loss (FNOL) to claim resolution.


Over half a dozen reports are available to help administrators learn how team members and policyholders are using and benefitting from ClaimXperience.

Customer Feedback

Create a customized survey to send to your policyholders after claims resolution. Like a Net Promoter Score (NPS), this survey will measure how everyone involved in your company is performing in terms of customer satisfaction and claims handling.

White-Labeled Responsive Web Application

ClaimXperience offers a mobile-optimized, company branded version of ClaimXperience to match your company’s logo and color-theming.