Video Collaboration

Seeing Is Believing | Video Collaboration

Settling claims right at the desk not only saves time and money, it delivers on a great policyholder experience.

Yet, getting the full picture of a policyholder’s claim without making an on-site visit can be difficult. ClaimXperience video collaboration allows you to see what your policyholder sees in real-time, using technology with which they are already comfortable – their smartphone.

You can further collaborate with policyholders using a browser-based video conference—and even share their desktop or laptop screen to gain additional information.

Reduce Claims Handling Costs | Video Collaboration

With ClaimXperience video collaboration, you get eyes on-site to help you begin and complete the claims process.

Customer involvement saves you costly trips to the property, and shortens turnaround times, yet offers the flexibility to triage or take necessary steps to ensure the best possible outcome.

Increase Customer SatiSfaction Collaboration | Video Collaboration

The flexibility to engage in the claims process anytime day or night means a homeowner can stream video, upload photos, and communicate about their claim at their convenience.

Video Collaboration drives up policyholder satisfaction while improving workflows for adjusters along the way. 

Structural Contents Auto | Video Collaboration

Video Collaboration improves the claims process for structural, contents, and auto claims.

Whether a policyholder has suffered a kitchen fire, loss of personal contents from water damage, or vehicle damage from an auto accident, video collaboration helps you settle a wide variety of claim types quickly, while keeping processing costs under control.

Fits Into Your WorkfloW | Video Collaboration

Video, images, notes, and documentation are automatically uploaded and synced with the claim file through Xactimate, XactAnalysis, or the ClaimXperience portal, where it’s easily viewable by others involved with claim.

Collaboration simplifies your workflow, saves steps, and improves claim cycle times. Plus, policyholders appreciate avoiding the extra hassle of sending multiple emails with large image and video attachments.