A Comprehensive Solution for Maintaining and Repairing Foreclosed Properties

XactPRM is the most comprehensive REO solution available, as powerful in its scope as it is expansive in influence. The XactPRM experience combines simplicity of use with sophisticated technology and proven processes to streamline workflows and aid all professionals in the foreclosed property-maintenance job process. Whether you are a mortgage servicer, field service provider, or a contractor, XactPRM can save you time, help you better track and analyze data, and increase the overall quality of both your business processes and product.

With the ability to access XactPRM virtually anytime, anywhere, using any device that has Internet connectivity, XactPRM users have an impressive array of options:

Asset Owner / Mortgage Servicer

  • Approve an estimate automatically or send it for review
  • Return approved estimates to the legacy system
  • Track status of managed properties
  • Analyze and report trends in data
  • Enhance business processes

Field Service Provider

  • Manage all aspects of property repair and maintenance
  • Assign jobs to contractors with industry-specific and company-specific forms and checklists
  • Compile estimates using industry-standard data updated monthly
  • Track costs by job and aggregate by individual property
  • Share reports


  • Gather site information electronically
  • Store, update, and transmit information more efficiently

A Better Job Process

XactPRM significantly streamlines the estimate development process. Work orders and jobs received in XactPRM can be completed and returned to service providers by PDF report. If proposed work falls outside the designated authority level, XactPRM makes it easy to clearly document the scope of the required work. Reliable, localized pricing helps facilitate review and approval.  XactPRM: Fast. Simple. Precise.