Benchmark hailstorm analysis - 30% of hail storm analysis have an incorrect loss date. Be certain of 100% of yours.


Verify Storm Damage Claims with a Hail or Lightning Strike Report

Benchmark provides natural hazard analysis reports from weather events in near real time, including property-specific date of loss and history analysis for hail and lightning – delivered to you in Verisk platforms you use today, including Xactimate and XactAnalysis.

With Benchmark you can:

  • minimize guesswork by field adjusters
  • reduce the number of inspections
  • reduce loss adjustment expenses through better management and identification of vandalism or fraud at an early stage
  • speed up the claims process and reduce cycle times
  • order Benchmark Weather Reports for Hail History, Hail DOL, and Lightning Strikes
  • download Benchmark reports directly to an XactAnalysis assignment

Current or new users can access Benchmark integration within a claim in XactAnalysis and within the “Documents” tab in Xactimate. In the claim assignment, users can access the reports via the “select an action” drop down bar in XactAnalysis.

Choose Benchmark data and ensure that claims are more accurate, timely, and economical.

Order Benchmark Reports

Using the Best Data

The data source for Benchmark for XactAnalysis and Xactimate is Respond®, giving users natural hazard analysis and forecast services for weather events in near real time including weather-by-location analysis for hail storms.

Learn more about Respond.

The Benchmark property-specific natural hazard history database provides a consistent and comprehensive record of catastrophe and noncatastrophe hail storms and lightning strikes that occurred at each property. It’s the industry’s most comprehensive hail-fall detection and windspeed verification resource for the United States and Canada.

Sample reports:

Hail Report              Lightning Strike Report